Tammie Jo Shults was born in New Mexico, where she frequently watched Air Force jets flying above her family's ranch. This early interest in flying led to Tammie Jo becoming one of the first female F/A-18 Hornet pilots in the United States Navy, after overcoming several obstacles due to her gender.

After concluding her Navy career, she became a pilot for Southwest Airlines. Tammie Jo's incredible history and talent received wide acclaim on April 17, 2018, after she successfully landed a Southwest Boeing 737 after an engine failure and decompression, saving 143 passengers.

Tammie Jo and her husband Dean live in Texas, and both Tammie Jo and Dean enjoy piloting planes for Southwest Airlines. They have two children and are committed to leading a faithful life. In Tammie Jo's spare time, she teaches Sunday school at her church and volunteers at a school focusing on at-risk youth.

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Captain Tammie Jo Shults is available to speak at a variety of events, including corporate functions, industry conferences, faith-based events, military events, and others.

Given Captain Shults’s background, she is able to inspire and encourage many groups. For corporate and industry events, her main topics may include concepts of leadership, perseverance, and crisis management. For faith-based and military events, she can tailor her topics appropriately based on her unique experiences and insights.

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