The Scott Townsend Show – Nerves of Steel w/ Tammie Jo Shults, Captain of Southwest Flight 1380

It’s not every day you get to visit with a pioneer for women in aviation, an author, public speaker, firefighter, F-18 fighter pilot, and Airline pilot. But I did when I interviewed Captain Tammie Jo Shults for this program.

After I read her book, Nerves of Steel, I knew I had to try and get her on the podcast. After reaching out to her and her agent, she was gracious enough to say Yes.

She’s as determined and focused as she is approachable, humble, and kind.

I encourage you to get her book and read all about the events that equipped her to face one of the greatest challenges of her life. On April 17, 2018, as Captain of Southwest Flight 1380, the 737 she was flying had a catastrophic engine failure, causing an explosion that tore away sections of the plane and punctured a window.

In this podcast, we learn about
1. Dealing with adversity
2. Dealing with NO as an opinion vs as a fact
3. How to deal with bullies
4. What Tammie Jo would tell kids these days about how to succeed in life
5. How to deal with offenses
6. What she and her 1st officer, crew members, and passengers had to do to successfully land Flight 1380.