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Captain Shults’ message resonates throughout the corporate culture and beyond. As Captain Shults notes, “to those who are given much, much will be required.” Indeed, on April 17, 2018, much was required of Captain Shults when she safely landed the severely crippled Southwest Airlines flight 1380 and helped save the lives of 148 individuals. But what created the calm confidence and nerves of steel to lead her crew and passengers to safety? Through her captivating story as one of the first female Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots to her successful career in aviation at Southwest Airlines, Captain Shults demonstrates the building blocks necessary for successful leadership — fierce determination, teamwork, and the cultivation of strong habits. “Habits on a good day” Shults instills, “become instinct on a bad day. Habits when you are not under pressure become a reaction when in crisis.” It was through these habits and her unwavering persistence that Tammie Jo was able to manage such a crisis under severe pressure.  Captain Shults brings a combination of her military training with the skills learned from her professional aviation career to business and faith based communities. For each event, Tammie Jo comes prepared to impart her life experience and the lessons acquired along the way to set your organization’s vision soaring.

Overcoming Adversity

Captain Shults has faced many challenges. From being recognized as a serious candidate for the military as a female to becoming a flight instructor, she often faced many closed doors. Yet, through her journey, Tammie Jo learned to discern when “no” was an answer and when it was an opinion. Growing up in rural New Mexico, Tammie Jo learned to “dream without fences;” and indeed, Tammie Jo knew there was a boundless sky waiting for her to take flight. Despite the resistance and adversity she faced along the way, Tammie Jo was determined to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot — a dream that would place her in the right place at the right time.  “My dream of flying was only the starting pistol that launched me down the path of my life,” Captain Shults notes. “It was the race that lay before me, the years of hard work without any guarantee of success, that put me in the right place at the right time.” Through her story, Captain Shults demonstrates to organizations how to transform adversity into strength, and strength into the courage necessary to take action.

Spirituality & Faith

Captain Shults was raised in a faith “where there were no second-class citizens.” Whenever she dreamed about what she wanted to do in life, she did so without limitations. Through this lens, Captain Shults pursued her lifelong goal of becoming a pilot, a path that while challenging, prepared her for the day she was called upon to fulfill her purpose. In her recollection of the events following the 1380 flight, Captain Shults recalls that “the value of human life was felt that day.” Indeed, while hope did not change their circumstances, Shults believes that hope certainly changed all of them. This was demonstrated not only through Shults’ heroic actions, but also those of her crew and the selfless passengers who assisted others in need. This goes to “our Judeo-Christian roots,” Shults instills, “that every life is precious — every life has purpose.” While Captain Shults safely returned 148 passengers to their loved ones that day, she notes, “it will never eclipse the loss of one.”  Through her upbringing and experiences, Captain Shults is placed in a unique position to instill the Judeo-Christian teachings necessary to support your organization’s goals.

Upcoming Scheduled Events


October 14, 2020

National Air Traffic Controllers Association, Las Vegas, NV

November 16, 2020

Southern Methodist University Lecture Series, University Park, TX

December 1, 2020

Christ Community Church, St. Charles, IL

December 12, 2020 – December 13, 2020

Zonta Club, Weatherford, TX

January 20, 2021

Citadel Military College, Charleston, SC

February 26, 2021

Museum of the Bible, Washington D.C.

April 2021

Region Six VPPA, San Antonio, TX

May 20, 2021

The National Air Traffic Controllers

May 25-27, 2021

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Captain Shults is a motivational and faith based speaker, one of the first female Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots, and acclaimed author of Nerves of Steel. Through the lens of her faith and life experiences, Captain Shults uses captivating storytelling to educate and inspire audiences about perseverance, leadership, and spirituality. Captain Shults tailors her presentation to each organization’s goals and needs. For more information, please contact Captain Shults!

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    • The Navy League of the United States, 243rd Birthday Ball, Washington, D.C.
    • First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX
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    • Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX
    • Advent Health, QC
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